Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday Brunch

Ashley and Josh had us over this weekend for an amazing Sunday brunch! As per usual, my iPhone pictures don't do justice to the real deal. They had a beautiful spread of prosciutto, scrambled eggs with siracha, grilled asparagus, and tomatoes. Ashley also made a strawberry cake from Smitten Kitchen (the food blog that never ever disappoints!)

I wish I had more pictures from the weekend. We celebrated Caitlin's birthday at Locanda on Friday (which I actually do have pictures from - coming soon!), we went to Elixer to celebrate after dinner, then Lydia hosted another amazing brunch on Saturday, followed by Nick's birthday sloshball celebration in Golden Gate park.

Sunday was my half birthday, and I like to make a very big deal about half birthdays. Maybe it stems from having a December birthday that couldn't be celebrated with a pool party, but I love love love half birthdays. After brunch, we went to a Spanish wine and tapas festival, then Jonny surprised me by organizing dinner Sunday night with friends at a restaurant right around the corner from us (which actually meant more tapas plus sangria!) It made for such a fun Sunday night, and I'm so thankful that I have friends who would celebrate such a holiday with me. 

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