Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Foot Tennis in St. Pancras

 We met some friends for dinner at St. Pancras last Tuesday, and outside the restaurant where we ate, there was a tennis net. I'm still unclear on why it was there, but we took advantage and pulled it out to play a little game of foot tennis after dinner. Somehow it turned out to be four on one, but Sebastien, the one, managed to hold his own. I think Lenny and Kasia ended up claiming the winnings and going home with the giant pink tennis ball. 


  1. Love it! Actually, the most fun I've ever had at the office is when someone set up an indoor tennis net complete with racquets and soft balls that bounce on carpeted office floors. Very fun. Al, I think if you click on my picture, you can see my blog...there's some news on there ;-)...

  2. So glad to know you have a blog! And you're having a BOY! Ahhh so exciting. I will be following :)



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