Thursday, June 23, 2011


 I'm proud to say that I married into co-captaining a soccer team, Atlantic Bridge, and our championship game was this past Monday night. Actually, the way the championship is structured in the league we play in actually required us to play and win in the semi finals an hour before the championship match. We were tied at the whistle of the semi final, and the game went into overtime, but just a minute into the overtime Seni scored our golden goal. 
Someone on our team said after the first game that it was the best moment of their adult sports career, and I actually think that's true (although my comparisons can only include indoor soccer and half marathons that I only ran three miles in training for). We went on to the championship super pumped, and we won!

 After the game, we went to Zeitgeist for dinner, beers, celebrations, and an awards show run by the amazing Blake Glidden. I'm hoping that Brian's award keeps its place on the Zeitgeist wall. All in all, it was just about the best way I can think of spending a Monday night. 
We're now reigning champions until the new season starts on Monday! 

All photo credits thanks to the lovely star player and team mom, Caroline Gilligan.

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