Thursday, June 2, 2011

Santa Cruisin

I mentioned last week that I was really getting into Airbnb. Well, we decided to try it out this weekend and spend a night in Santa Cruz. We were hardly gone more than 24 hours, but it sure felt like a mini vacation. We wogged (walk/jog combo) on Sunday morning to the beach, had an amazing brunch, and spent the afternoon at the beach and the Santa Cruz boardwalk, where we enjoyed both dippin dots AND fried oreos.

On our drive home, we took our time going up hwy 1, and we stopped at a strawberry farm that was all picked out of strawberries sadly! We then saw a sign that said "Slow down for pie" and stopped at a place called Pie Ranch, which was also out of pie. Even though we didn't get to pick berries or eat pie, it was a beautiful drive and a beautiful day! 


  1. Al, thanks for an amazing weekend and being such a lovely friend. I've been having separation anxiety from you and your oreo cookies (ps-we need to come up with a name for those!)

    Love you!

  2. How can the pie ranch be out of pie?!?!

    I just recently heard of Airbnb. Sounds like a great system. Looks like you had an amazing weekend. What great pictures! What kind of camera do you use?

  3. These are all from my iphone believe it or not! I use the instagram app which allows you to use different filters on your pictures so that's why they turn out slightly better than your average phone pics. :)



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