Friday, June 24, 2011


Last night, Jonny and I rode our tandem through the Mission stopping at our favorite places to celebrate what we thought was our nine month anniversary. About midway through the night, we realized it had actually only been eight months since we got married. Luckily, that realization only encouraged our celebration, and we decided to make sure we hit eight different places for drinks and food and treats.
Here's where we went and what we had (clockwise from left): 

1. A cheese flight, macaroni, and beers at Mission Cheese
2. A savory pie at Mission Pie
3. A margarita to share at Latin American Club
4. A "Sexy Beast" cocktail at Foreign Cinema to share
-- chalkboard drawing done at Monk's Kettle --
5. Market shots at Frances
6. An ice cream sandwich at BiRite Creamery (we didn't want to wait in line!)
7. An Affligem split into two glasses at Monk's Kettle
8. Chicken Tikka at Pakwan

If this is just eight months, I can't wait for nine! 

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