Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I LOVE anemonies! I'm really, really, really not into checking wedding blogs or looking at wedding magazines or getting wedding email updates anymore, but I do love looking at these flowers. Aren't they so cool looking? I don't know much about flowers, but these seem like springtime flowers with a tone of fall, and I'd love to have them at our wedding. 

Just FYI, I'm not not into wedding stuff because I'm not into our wedding, but I'm just so ready for that day and so ready to be married to Jonny, and I'm not into looking at wedding details and ideas. 

October 23 is t-e-n days away!

San Francisco Shower

I've got lots to catch up on! Over the past month, I've been gone three out of four weekends, and I'm just about to leave San Francisco for three weeks on Saturday.

There are lots of exciting times both behind me and ahead of me, and I'm so busy running around like a crazy woman that I haven't been documenting any of them. 

I decided that I'm just going to slowly do a little bit of life catch-up on this blog, starting with pictures from a lovely little dinner party shower that my friends threw for me a few weeks ago. 

Caitlyn, Katy, and me before dinner. Please notice Lydia's works of art in the background - portraits of roommates and friends by making their hairstyles with cut out cardstock. 

Becca the amazing chef!

Catching up in the living room turned dining room for the night

Opening lots of fun gifts

Lydia Harter - what a hostess

Some of the girls

Thank you all for such a fun night! I felt so well loved and showered and celebrated.


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