Monday, October 31, 2011

Lo and Sons

I want to start sharing more of my favorite products on this blog, so I'm going to start with this bag by Lo and Sons that I love. It fits everything I need for a day at work - my computer, my workout clothes - including my giant size 10 running shoes!, and all of the zillions of other things I cart around every day. It has also been awesome to travel with - I've taken it to England, Italy, Indonesia, and Mexico in the past couple of months. And another great thing about it - Jonny isn't embarrassed to carry it around for me!

Back when I bought it months ago, black was the only color option, but now there are loads of different colors and new sizes too. They're also offering a sweet 35% off deal so if you want to give anyone a really nice Christmas present, or if you want to get yourself a really nice present, you should check it out.


  1. Woohoo! See you in the new Kiva office in January with my fabulous OG Bag! ;)

  2. Cissy - can't wait to match! (except that yours will be newer and a cooler color than mine!)

    Lodie - if you're lucky... didn't you just buy a similar bag though?



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