Thursday, October 13, 2011

Campus style

So it's been a few years since I've been living on a college campus, but I just read this article on The Campus as Runway, and it reminded me a little bit of Wake Forest. I actually think the article is kind of dumb, but it's true that more privileged college campuses (like Wake) do look like fashion shows some days.

I used to want to take pictures of friends and acquaintances at Wake wearing the same pieces and have an US Weekly-style "Who wore it better?" column in the student magazine. Too bad that idea didn't fly - I think it would have been a great success. It would've been this kind of thing for girls on campus who all had the same outfits:
Ok, so I can make an example of this with my sister since we look so alike anyways and there's no way you can tell who wore it better because we're wearing it exactly the same.

OR, there's this little gem from our glorious fifth year in Winston when Lydia and I wore the same dress, cardigan, and sunglasses to Carolina Cup:
I also think you could make a "Who wore it better?" for hipsters in the Mission. Oh, the possibilities...

Ok that's all from me right now. Good night!

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