Thursday, May 5, 2011

Redwood forest

I haven't posted much about the senior Prices trip to California, and I wanted to share some pictures from our trip up north to the redwoods. John and Margaret wanted to go see the redwoods, so we drove up to Russian River Valley, spent a night in an adorable inn, and spent the next day looking at redwoods and doing a little champagne and wine tasting. I had never been to any of the redwood forests, and it was incredible to see these giants in real life.

 We were right by Korbel when we left the park, so we stopped by so that all of us, especially Margaret, could enjoy some champagne. I like this picture of Jonny and his parents. 

It was such a fun little weekend trip and a holiday from John and Margaret's San Francisco holiday. 


  1. Dear best daughter-in-law
    What lovely pictures - they bring back such happy memories of our trip to visit you and Jonny.
    Thank you so much for looking after us so well and for my loveley birthdau surprise breakfast with champagne!!
    LOL Margaret xx

  2. HA! So great. I'm diggin' the beard on Jonny too.



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