Monday, May 23, 2011

Our weekend in the kitchen

From the looks of the pictures taken on my iPhone, you would think that we spent our entire weekend in the kitchen. I have no pictures of anything else we did. We did actually spend a decent amount of time in the kitchen, but we also did a whole lot outside of the kitchen and outside of the house. Some highlights include... 

Muir, my grandmother, was in town for an elder hostel tour of San Francisco. We got to spend Sunday with her and her friend Mary Pat, and we took them down highway 1 to Sam's Chowder House at Half Moon Bay. After our huge lunch, we had a nap and then got together again for appetizers and dessert. (Sidenote: I made this Molten Chocolate Magic - it was so easy and cheap to make, and it turned out so great.)

Brunch bunch! My friends persuaded me to sign up for the San Francisco half marathon in July with the promise of training and trying new brunch spots together after every run. We did our first run together along the bay to ATT park and tried out Plow in Potrero Hill. Highly recommended!

Mr. Pollo is a teeny tiny Venezuelan restaurant in the Mission that seats maybe 10 people, and one chef cooks a four course meal for $15. Josh and Ashley took us, and it was so so good. I thought it was the perfect amount of food, too, but Jonny and Josh needed a little something more so they had some El Farolito afterwards.

Seems like most of my updates, even exercise updates, revolve around food! Oops. I do have one more non-food related highlight. I have gotten really into Airbnb. I know it's been around for a few years, and I'm never on the cutting edge of this kind of thing, but I'm so fascinated by taking peeks into other people's homes around San Francisco and the world. I also put up some pictures of our apartment thinking that it would be great to rent it out when we're gone for two weeks this summer, and we've already gotten a bunch of interest and one reservation! Check out our listing and like it on Facebook if you want to help us out!

That's all I've got. Hope y'all had great weekends too. 

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