Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh Happy Day

Oh happy weekend, really. It's been so so good to have Jonny back and relaxed and home for good. Per usual, I didn't go around with a camera so the few pictures I have were taken with my iPhone, and they only give a limited picture of how beautiful and fun our weekend was. We spent lots of time outside, lots of time with the top down in the convertible, and lots of time toasting with friends. 

{1} Our first champagne of the weekend to celebrate the end of Jonny's case.
{2} Anemonies on my desk at Kiva - I couldn't resist them when we were walking back from lunch in the park. There's just something about sunny days and pretty flowers.
{3} Coconut water that I drank in hopes of recovering from all of the celebrating we did this weekend. No dice.
{4} Just chillin on Sunday night and watching Harry Potter. No rushing to pack, no rushing to the airport. So nice.
{5} Our street in the sunshine.
{6} Loving our relaxing Sunday night.

1 comment:

  1. I love the new header of your blog...and the fact the fact that your posts are more frequent! Also glad you got to have Johnny back for a bit :)



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