Thursday, April 21, 2011

Coachella v. Bonnaroo

I find it hilarious to compare Coachella with Bonnaroo. Now that I live in San Francisco, Coachella is the big music festival that everyone talks about and goes down to, but when I was growing up in Nashville, it was always Bonnaroo. The lineups at both are really similar, so they both attract people who like the same type of music.

But here's the difference. 

This is Coachella: 

And this is Bonnaroo:

At Coachella, everyone is very LA and showered and putting on a little fashion show. At Bonnaroo, we were wearing as little as possible without being indecent, and I don't think anyone was really thinking about clothes other than that. I actually only went to Bonnaroo one year, but in that one year, I could tell you without a shadow of a doubt that there was no kind of style like there is at Coachella, and I actually can't imagine planning my outfits for a music festival like this. 

Maybe I can't judge until I try both...

Coachella photos compiled by Elise from Bonnaroo photos are all from my camera, probably taken by random strangers. 


  1. Hilarious... I'm digging the LA bottom left style. I like how the bottom right the girl even makes her lily (or french connection) dress fit in with the fashionable hipster look!

  2. PS - that was me Laurs. I don't know how to make it say my name!



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