Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Loving on Laurence Amelie

I know I'm long overdue for an update, and I have lots of fun pictures to share once I get myself organized (whenever that may be...). For now, I want to share two beautiful paintings from an artist who is completely new to me, Laurence Amelie

I just came across the paintings of Laurence Amelie and I LOVE them! I'm wishing I could read French so I could learn more about her - from what I can tell she hasn't gotten much American press. Can anyone tell me anything else about her?


  1. Hello! Yes, I have spoken with her several times! She loves reaching out to her fans and she speaks english. She had an exhibit in LA a few weeks ago! I think she might have her email listed on her website? Try sending her a message! If you go to Paris she might let you into her studio! She invited us!

  2. That's awesome - thanks so much for sharing! :)



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