Friday, April 29, 2011


I had no plans to watch the royal wedding last night. I actually laughed at people yesterday who asked me if I was getting up or staying up to see it. Then around 10pm last night, Jonny announced that it was part of his heritage and we had to watch it. And not at one the thousands of people's apartments who are recording it and watching it today - we had to watch it live. 

Literally, just this week, Jonny was saying how weird it was that everyone was making such a fuss over the royal wedding.

So we stayed up until 3am, and we stayed up a lot longer afterwards, and I'm actually still up now! I did love watching the wedding, and looking at all the outfits and hats and fascinators, and seeing the "chavs" that were waving flags outside.

By the way, look how awesome my mom's hat for the royal wedding was. She woke up and went to a party at 3:30am in Nashville! Amazing! 

Now we're off to celebrate a wedding of our real live friends this afternoon. Can't wait! 

1 comment:

  1. I dibs you two spending the night on my couch for Harry's wedding!

    P.S. Great HAT Mrs. Carroll!



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