Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I mentioned that we went houseboating last weekend on Lake Shasta, and thanks to all of my friends and their photar skills, I can share a few pictures even though I didn't take a single one myself. We had a great time being half-wet, half-dry all weekend, eating great food, enjoying the 100 degree heat (something we can never dream of experiencing in San Francisco!), and just hanging out.
We spent tons of time on the roof of the boat and on the wisest purchase ever, the Relaxation Station.
Jonny and Pat skipping rocks from where we were docked for the night. 
Dennis assigned people to make one meal each, and all of the food was seriously incredible. We were all impressed by what people were able to pull off with Costco ingredients and a houseboat kitchen.
We were a little burned by the second day, but we were loving the scenery of the lake. 
We got a speedboat for Saturday, and we had so much fun tubing and trying to wakeboard. 
I seriously don't think I've ever made that hand motion in my entire life. Maybe I was just over-excited and surprised that I was able to stand up on the wakeboard!
Cait and Lyd hanging on the roof.
We stopped at some outlet malls on the way up to the lake so Caitlyn and I could look for a floppy hat, and while we were shopping, Jonny and Pat bought some party favors for everyone - pirate masks and squirt guns. They were unveiled one night, and we loved them!
In true houseboat style, our dining room table later turned into a bed.

I wanted to get a picture that featured our outstanding captains, and here are Dan and Skip steering the boat. Dennis, the true captain and mastermind behind the weekend, didn't make that picture, but here he is in his captain's hat on the right. Thanks so much for such an amazing weekend, Dennis!

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