Monday, January 17, 2011


We spent a short MLK weekend with a big group of friends at Tahoe (thank you Dennis for booking the house and making this happen!) It was really great to get out of the city, see lots of SNOW, hang out with friends, and ski in sunny weather.

On Friday night, Jonny, Thom, and I drove up to Tahoe. Thom is one of Jonny's friends from London who's in the US for a few months on a project, and on our way up, we learned that Thom had NEVER BEEN TO A DRIVE-THRU! I'm still not sure how this is possible, but maybe it can be attributed to the fact that Thom is actually Belgian, not English. Anyway, Thom got to enjoy his first experience at In-N-Out.

On Saturday, almost everyone went to Squaw for the day to ski or snowboard (minus Jonny who went to Squaw to work from a coffee shop all day - boo.) Five of us, though, decided to stay home and have a leisurely girls' day. 

We took a stroll by the foggy shores of Lake Tahoe:

...met some locals to take our picture:

...caught Cait and Lyd looking cute on a boat that hasn't been used since last summer: 

...went cross-country skiing, but I didn't take a picture of us on our skis (somebody got one!):

...and Lydia and I survived our first time ever on skis! (There's a big wet spot in the middle of our picture because I made the mistake of taking my camera skiing with us and it took part in my many epic falls):

All in all, a really fun quick trip up to Tahoe. I'm hoping we'll get to go up several more times this year!

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