Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Monday

I don't know how much I've shared about this on this blog, but Jonny has been traveling to Toronto every Monday through Thursday for the project he's on right now, which means Monday through Thursday, I'm living all alone.

It's been tough for both of us, but especially for me because Jonny's busy from about 8am-12am every day with this project so that serves as a distraction for him, while I work normal hours and then come home to an empty house. I've had a lot of great friends making plans with me and making sure I'm not going crazy by myself, and that has been really wonderful.

I'm really trying not to dwell on my disappointment of not having Jonny home with me and to recognize and appreciate all the blessings in my life. So, here are a few of the blessings I'm counting today:

{1} Jonny got up and left really early this morning, but I woke up to this note propped up on the vase of lilies in the kitchen.

{2} In between #1 and #2, I spent four long hours in the California DMV getting a new California license with my new name: Elizabeth Alig Carroll Price. It's a mouthful, I know, and it's caused trouble so far in both the Social Security office and the DMV. My first SS card issued said "Elizabeth Alig Carol Price" and my first driver's license issued said "Elizabeth AligCarroll Price." I know it's tricky, but I just couldn't give up a name!

Anyways, getting to this picture of my dinner, which reminded me a lot of dinners in Kenya (except the sausage might have been mutton, and Eleanor and I might have been part-time vegetarians.) It was really yummy, and I'm glad I actually cooked something. Sometimes it's hard to cook for one.

(Also, please disregard the empty coke bottle and open bag of powdered sugar in the background. Cute bloggers never have that kind of stuff sitting around when they take pictures of their houses.)

{3} The Narcissus on my bedside table that smell so so good. AND, I'm a late adopter and have a new obsession over the instagram iPhone app that I've finally downloaded that makes it easy to take cool pictures. This setting is called "Nashville" so obviously I love it.

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