Thursday, January 6, 2011


Jonny and I spent Christmas with his family in London. My first ever Christmas away from Tennessee with my family, my first ever white Christmas, and our first ever Christmas as a married couple.

(1) The tube stop for the Prices - Harrow on the Hill
(2) Regent Street lit up for Christmas
(3) Dinner at Jonny's friend Tom's family restaurant right by Oxford Circus. This meal was amazing. Tom's dad didn't give us menus and just kept sending people out with more and more great food. He also treated us to champagne, wine, port, and amaretto and made sure both our glasses and plates were always full. 
(4) After dinner at Tom's family restaurant, Jonny decided to sing "With or Without You" with the subway musician.
(5) Trying out our self-timer with Jonny's parents at New Year's Eve dinner

We had such a great time - I wish I'd taken more pictures! Happy 2011!

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