Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our English Wedding

When we were in England in July, we celebrated our marriage with Jonny's family and friends in what was called "a service of thanksgiving and blessing for marriage." Quite the mouthful, so when we tell people about it, sometimes we call it our second wedding. It was, essentially, a wedding.
Loin came all the way from Nashville for the second wedding even though she had been at the first. And not only that, but she figured out how to tie Jonny's bowtie via YouTube when no one else in the house knew how to do it. 
Rather than wearing my wedding dress again, I wore the dress that I had worn for my debutante ball when I was 19 years old. I also wore a necklace that belonged to my great-grandmother - it's from the early early days of Tiffany!
Jonny's parents planned the whole event to a t, so we got to travel around Italy for two weeks leading up to the event without doing any of the planning. We just showed up on the day to an amazing event, all of which took place at the Prices' church in Harrow. 
John, Jonny's dad, hung a giant American flag on one side of the church and a giant British flag on the other side. He also had the organist play the British national anthem and the American national anthem!
Our parents did so much for the event. Margaret, especially, was the star of the show, organizing the whole day and coordinating friends to make and serve the food and drinks at the reception. 
I was amazed by the crowd at the church. Almost 200 people came to celebrate.
Jonny's nanny, Gladys, made the wedding cake. 
There were amazing fascinators everywhere, and even my mom, my sister, and Alison participated.
 During the tea and cocktails, friends were setting up the church as a banquet hall. It turned out beautifully, and dinner was really nice.
Daddy gave a speech full of stories about me growing up, and he used the acronym "Adventure" to tell what should have been 9 stories about me. He started on the "A", and he had a word and a story to go with it. Then the next letter he said was "V" and we just assumed he had accidentally skipped over the "D", but he had forgotten to put it in there completely! 
Matthew, one of Jonny's two best men, gave his third wedding speech for us: rehearsal dinner, wedding #1, and now wedding 2: judgment day. Third time around, and he still made us all roll around laughing.
All in all, it was a lovely day, and we're now fully and completely 200% married!

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