Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our wedding: Ceremony

I'm so thrilled to FINALLY be sharing our wedding photos. Over the next few days, I'll go through and share all of my favorites. We got married on October 23 (or 23 October if you're one of our English relatives reading this!) in Nashville, Tennessee. 

My dress was originally worn by my grandmother for her wedding, and then my mom wore it when my parents got married in 1981. We worked with an incredible seamstress in Nashville who helped us carefully replace the lace on the bodice and then made a veil to match. 

I had seven bridesmaids who wore Laundry by Shelli Segal dresses, and then seven house party girls who wore grey dresses of their own. I love how the grey and yellow looked together, and I love these pictures because it's all of my dearest friends together too! 

Jonny and his groomsmen wore English morning suits. 

I had been under control all weekend leading up to our wedding, but I started to tear up standing with my daddy outside of the sanctuary waiting to walk down the aisle. 

We had a French impressionist, Jill Steenhuis, paint at our wedding. She painted the picture below of the ceremony and two other pictures that night, which was a pretty amazing feat! (We have one of them in our home that we need to have framed.)

I wish we had more pictures from the ceremony, but the church we got married in had strict rules about when photos could be taken in the sanctuary. My dear friend Anna Flautt (who also did my hair!) sang "We Bow Down" during the ceremony, and she did such an incredible job. It gave me chills. 

Everything went beautifully, and it was so wonderful to have so many people we love in one place. 

Stay tuned for more wedding pictures coming later this week! xo.

(All photos by the lovely Rachel Williamson)

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  1. so amazing you had an actual PAINTER there!! what an amazing idea!!



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