Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ignite (Not by Katy Perry)

Tonight Lydia and I went to an event that we knew next to nothing about - Ignite SF. We had heard it was "an indie version of TED Talks" and that did prove to be somewhat true. Basically, the premise was that someone could get up and talk about whatever subject they choose in 5 minutes using 20 slides. 

There were some hits (How I learned to follow my mom on Twitter by Kimra), some misses (Simple steps to a hot body at any age, which was basically just a slide show of one girl's family members and a push to eat Whole Foods), some challenges made (Zero Waste Challenge by Michael LaFemina), and some that were just straight up funny and entertaining while also enlightening (161 Erie Street). 

I'm glad I went and I'd definitely go back. But I need to eat dinner before I go next time. Two beers on an empty stomach meant I was pretty tipsy by the end of it, so I came home and used what little I had in my kitchen to make dinner. (I learned how to poach an egg, too!) All in all a good night!

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