Monday, November 29, 2010

Nothing Short of Thankful

We spent this Thanksgiving in Nashville and had a fun time full of food (not only the Thanksgiving day feast but Pancake Pantry and SATCO and lots of other Nashville favorites), family (all 3 of my siblings were home for Thanksgiving for the first time in 5 years!), and football (including witnessing the Deacs beat the Dores and watching the on-field fight between Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan).

To explain the pictures, our whole family ran the Boulevard Bolt, a 5 mile race that takes place at 8am on Thanksgiving day. We all dressed up, and as you can clearly see, Jonny was the Mayflower since he came over from England. He ran a full five miles with a pinata boat strapped to the top of his head! We did a bunch of other things that we didn't take pictures of, but we did document Ben Folds with the Nashville Symphony, which was a really awesome show. The last photo is Jonny, me, Loin, and Lod after the show. 

I just kept thinking all weekend about how much we have to be thankful for. Hope your Thanksgivings were happy!

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  1. Ha! I'm obviously a little late, just spent the last few minutes getting updated from your blog. These pictures are too hilarious. Your family should be the poster family for America...sounds like it was a great holiday!



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