Monday, July 25, 2011

Louise and Martin

When I said last week that I would be sharing more photos, I didn't realize how crazy my week was going to be. So a week later, here is my second post about Italy: Louise and Martin's wedding! 
The Price family boys
Mother of the bride and mother of the groom
There was such a cute and stylin baby boy there. Don't you love his hat?
 I like this one of the senior Prices.
It started to get a little stormy, but thankfully the rain held off during the ceremony!
Can you tell which of the bridesmaids is related to me? 
 The bride and her daddy! Wish I'd gotten more pictures of them walking down the aisle.
Because Louise and Martin were getting married in Italy, they had to be married by an Italian priest. He spoke in Italian, and there was a translator who repeated what he said in English so that L and M knew what they were agreeing to!
This was totally new to me, but in English weddings, the wedding party is seated.
First kiss as man and wife! Woohoo!
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Lake! I love their smiles in this picture. 
Just after the ceremony, it started raining. The rain only lasted about ten minutes and cooled everything off, and Louise and Martin looked cute walking with an umbrella. 
The English wedding cake is also totally different than wedding cakes I'm familiar with. It's a fruitcake that is made months in advance. Auntie Susan, Louise's mum (note "mum" not "mom"), made her cake!
 I didn't do such a good job taking pictures at the reception, but here's a nice one of Rooney and Tom after dinner.

I also got a good one of the bride and groom at sunset.
 It was amazing to look across the water to Mt. Vesuvius. Such a beautiful view and a beautiful night. 

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